Chase Your High: A Run Guide


RUNNING! Either you love it or you hate it. We get it. When you first get into running no one tells you about the shin splints, tight calves, or metal taste you can’t get out of your mouth after hills. This is YOUR no bullsh*t guide to improving your running. In this guide you’ll find tips and tricks, along with two different training programs – one for beginning runners and one for more experienced runners looking to hit a half marathon distance. 

You’ll gain complete access to our YouTube page containing full workouts, flows, and banded butt routines to help you connect with our diverse community full of like-minded people that refuse to quit when things get messy. There are links to our favorite run playlists on Apple Music + Spotify to keep you motivated during your workouts. 

We have thought of it all! Postnatal and thinking about getting back into running? We got you! We consulted with our favorite pelvic floor specialists and created an entire section just for you.

Emily Bergseng and Amanda Kinkade of MegaBurn Fitness in Portland, Oregon collaborated on this publication and provided contact information for even more support here in this guide. COME CHASE YOUR HIGH WITH US!


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